Daffodils play a "leading part"in every spring garden. Thanks to the skill of the growers they are obtainable in a continiously growing arsenal of colours and shapes.
And of course the original "wild" varieties are still more than worthwhile. We can supply almost all available varieties.



Daffodils suitable to grow indoors:
The little Jonguille, Yellow Cheerfullness or Soleil d Ór with its orange subcrowns are wonderfull to grow indoors because of their delicate and sweet smell while also Trevithian and Sweetness with their soft yellow flowers are hard to resist.
Another wonderfull suggestion would be to fill a small pot with lemon or white coloured Pipit's covered with a thin layer of peat moss or choose creamwhite double flowers of Cheerfulness which flower early in the season. As you can see their are plenty of possibilities to choose from.





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