These wonderfull cutflowers are available in almost any colour or combination of colours you can think of with the exception of blue shades.



As for Dahlia's there's absolutely no lack of sub groups as there are approximately 15 different groups.
The most famous groups are : Decorative, Cactus, Semicactus, Ball, Anemone, Topmix and Pompon.


        Name    Group      Color
Alfred grille Cactus Salmonpink, Yellow Heart
Alstergruss Collar Orange and yellow centre
Apache Semi Cactus Red
Arabian night Decorative Dark Red
Arnhem Decorative Red
Autumn fairy Decorative Orange
Babylon Decorative Red
Babylon brons Decorative Bronze
Babylon lila/rose Decorative Lila Pink
Babylon orange Decorative Orange
Babylon paars Decorative Purple
Babylon rood Decorative Red
Bahama red Decorative Red, White Tips
Bantling Pompon Orange
Barbados Decorative Purplered-white tips
Barbarossa Decorative Red
Berger's record Semi Cactus Red
Berliner kleene Decorative Pink
Bishop of llandaff Peony-flowering Red
Blue bell Decorative Purple
Blue boy Decorative Lilacpurple
Bluesette Pot/decorative Lilacpurple
Brian r Decorative Lila
Cafe au lait Decorative Creme
Carola Decorative Pink
Color spectable Semi Cactus Orange-white tips
Contessa Decorative  Red
Crazy love Decorative Lila-white
Decasplit oranje Decorative Orange-white tips
Deutschland Decorative Red
Doris duke Ball Fuchsiapink
Duet Decorative Red/White top
Edinburgh Decorative Purple, white tips
Ellen houston Decorative Orange-red, Dark leaves
Eveline Ball White and Lilac
Extase Decorative Salmon and yellow
Facination Peony-flowering Lila, Dark leaves
Ferncliff illusion Decorative White-lilac tips
Frans kafka Pompon Lila
Fringed star Cactus Salmon and Yellow
Friquolet Cactus Red, White Tips
Garden princess Pot/cactus Apricot
Garden wonder Decorative Red
Gerrie hoek Decorative Pink
Gina lombart Semi Cactus Pink-yellow
Gitt's perfection Decorative Soft pink, white towards centre
Glorie van heemstede Decorative Yellow
Golden emblem Decorative Yellow
Good earth Semi Cactus Pink-white
Grazz Decorative Dark Red
Gute laune Cactus Dark pink
Hartenaas Collar Pink-white
Hayley jane Cactus White, lila tips
Heatwave Decorative Red
Honey Anemoon flower Pink-yellow
Hy suntan Ball Bronze
Impr. Famoso Collar Lila-white
Impr. Fantastico Collar Purple-white
Impr. Festivo Collar Red-yellow
Impr. Flamenco Collar White-yellow
Impr. Fortuna Collar Yellow
Impr. Fuego Collar Red-white
Impr. Futuro Collar Lila, pink, yellow
Jamaica Decorative Red-white tips
Jane Cactus Lila (Spiderhead)
Jean-marie Decorative Pink-white tips
Jowey gipsey Decorative Lilac and Yellow
Jowey gold Ball Soft Orange
Jura Semi Cactus White-pink tips
Karma serena Decorative White, Greenyellow center
Kelvin flootlight Decorative Yellow
Kennemerland Semi Cactus Yellow
Kyoto Decorative Red, White 
Lavender perfection Decorative Lilac
Le baron Decorative Purple
Le castel Decorative White
Lemon candy Decorative Yellow white tips
Lilac time Decorative Purplered-white tips
Linz Decorative Red
Little tiger Decorative Red-white tips
Little william Pompon Red-white tips
Lucky number Decorative Lilac
Ludwig helfert Semi Cactus Orange
Lupin ben Decorative Yellow with red sparkles
Mistery day Decorative Purple-white tips
Motto Decorative Orange-yellow
Mrs. Eileen Decorative Orange
Munchen Decorative Yellow
Musette Decorative Red, White Tips
My love Semi Cactus White
Nagano Decorative Red, White Tips
Nescio Pompon Red
New baby Pompon Orange
Noordwijks glorie Decorative Orange
Orfeo Semi Cactus Purple
Otto's thrill Decorative Pink
Painted girl Decorative Yellow with red stripes
Painted lady Decorative White with pink stripes
Painted madame Decorative Pink with red stripes
Papageno Decorative Salmon, yellow towards centre
Park princess Cactus low Pink
Peaches and cream Decorative Yellow and white with Orange tips
Peter Ball Pink
Pink attraction Decorative Lila-white
Playa blanca Cactus White
Preference Semi Cactus Pink
Procyon Decorative Red and Yellow
Promise Semi Cactus Yellow
Purple fairy Decorative Purple
Purple gem Semi Cactus Purple
Purple giant Decorative Purple
Ralphie Ball Orange
Red majorette Semi Cactus Red
Red pigmy Semi Cactus Red
Requiem Decorative Purple
Rosella Decorative Purple
Santa claus Decorative Orange and white
Schrama's jubilee decorative cardinal red and yellow
Seattle Decorative Yellow, white tips
Shannon Decorative Lila pink
Sir alframsey Decorative White-lilac tips
Sisa Decorative Yellow
Snoho christmas Decorative Red, White Tips
Snoho diana Semi Cactus White, pink towards tips (fringed)
Snowflake Pompon White
Star elite Cactus Salmon and Yellow (Spiderhead)
Star spectacle Cactus ochreous yello
Star surprise Cactus Yellow
Star's elite Cactus Salmon and Yellow
Star's favourite Cactus Lilac and White
Suzette Decorative Yellow-white
Sylvia Ball Orange
Thomas a. Edison Decorative Purple
Topmix orange Topmix Orange
Topmix pink Topmix Pink
Topmix red Topmix Red
Topmix yellow Topmix Yellow
Tu tu Semi Cactus White
Twinks Decorative Puperred, white tips
Unwin dwarf mixed Seedtype Mixed
Vanessa Decorative Pink-white
Veritable Semi Cactus Lilac and White
Viking Pompon Red
Vuurvogel Semi Cactus Yellow and Red
White perfection Decorative White
White star Cactus White
Wittem Decorative White and Lilac
Witteman's best. Semi Cactus Red
Wonder boy Decorative Yellow-pink/red tips
Yellow happiness Semi Cactus Yellow
Yellow sneezy Mignon Yellow
Yellow star Cactus Yellow