Basically we deal in all bulbs available on the Dutch bulb market whereby we make a difference between bulbs meant for so called “dry sales” which are planted in gardens and bulbs that are suitable for the flower industry.
Our company is mainly concentrated on selling garden bulbs.
We deliver our products sothat they can meet the highest quality standards in accordance with the strict shipping agreements as directed by Japan and the U.S.A.


We don’t just deliver bulbs and perennials but also provide them with the best storage conditions by storing them at the best temperature and humidity in one of our cold storage depots. Besides that we give our bulbs the ultimate treatment to keep them free from diseases so that you may expect only to receive quality products. Also we have got the most modern packing machines at our disposal to meet your highest packaging demands.
Finally we check the quality of all our products right before we ship them to our customers.


We hope to have given you a brief impression of our company, the way we work and the products that we sell. If this has risen your interest we would welcome the opportunity to answer all questions you may have or/and to make you an attractive offer based on today’s market prices and your personal requirements for which you can contact us as below:

Phone +31(0)23 5201010
Fax +31(0)23 5201015